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Classic Hero Sports Bra without padding draws attention with its original and functional design. The front of the bra is decorated with the iconic NEBBIA logo, while at the back it sports a trendy cut-out and a mesh. It's equipped with sturdy rubber supports for breasts, ensuring maximum comfort during training. The materials used in manufacturing ensure that the bra adapts to the figure and absorbs sweat reliably. 

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Classic Hero Sports Bra - a functional piece with a trendy cut-out at the back 

Classic Hero Sports Bra without padding draws attention with its trendy look combined with great functionality. At the first glance, it appears no different from any other sports bra with thin shoulder straps, however, upon a closer look at the back, it stands out with original cut-outs that highlight your toned back muscles. It is further equipped with a flexible girdle at the bottom, which ensures solid support for your breasts during training. It is made from a combination of polyamide and elastane, which makes it fit your figure perfectly, and absorb sweat effectively. The fine mesh fabric at the back coupled with the cut-out will provide for maximum breathability.


Classic Hero Sports Bra boasts a trendy design, decorated with the NEBBIA logo both in front and at the back. What's more, its versatile design allows you to wear it flipped around, with its backside at the front, which highlights the curves of your breasts and freshens up your sports outfits. It's ideal for working out at the gym, or for doing yoga, pilates, or any other sports activity you enjoy. 



80 % polyamide, 20 % elastane.


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Bust   72-86 cm 76-90 cm 80-94 cm 84-98 cm
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