Women‘s Classic Hero High Waist Leggings Green - NEBBIA


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Women's Classic Hero High Waist Leggings rank among some of the most comfortable pieces, which you are sure to fall in love with during all your activities. They are made of a combination of polyamide and elastane, thanks to which they are stretchy and can reliably wick away sweat. They also feature a high waist, which will make your shapely butt stand out, and they make for a great match with cropped tops and hoodies as well.

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Women's Classic Hero High Waist Leggings - eye-catching combination of a stylish design and a comfortable material that reliably wicks away sweat

Women's Classic Hero High Waist Leggings are a stylish piece that should definitely have a spot in the wardrobe of any active woman. They are made of a pleasant material consisting of a combination of polyamide and elastane. This makes them stretchy and enables them to reliably wick away sweat. You can use them in the gym, for running, hiking and other non-sports-oriented activities. But their greatest advantage is the comfortable fit tailored to the needs of every active women. These leggings do not restrict movement in any way and the seams do not rub against the skin. Additionally, you are sure to fall in love with their high waist, which will perfectly emphasize your shapely butt. These leggings can be easily matched with cropped tops or hoodies. Such combination is sure to highlight your slim waist. 


Women's Classic Hero High Waist Leggings feature a simple design with the NEBBIA inscription. By wearing these leggings, you will make it clear to everyone around you that you rank among athletes and fans of an active lifestyle.     



80% polyamide, 20% elastane. 


Size chart

Inseam 72.5 cm 74.5 cm 76.5 cm 78.5 cm
Waist circumference 57-76 cm 59-78 cm 61-82 cm 65-86 cm
Hip circumference 82-102 cm 86-106 cm 90-110 cm 94-114 cm
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