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Cell Tech Performance Series is a unique blend of creatine that increases physical performance during interval training. It also contains BCAAs, taurine, vitamins, and other substances for athletes who strive to improve performance and muscle growth.

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Cell Tech Performance Series - performance support blend containing creatine, BCAA, taurine, vitamins, and magnesium 

Cell Tech Performance Series is a unique blend with creatine monohydrate as a dominant component in addition to carbohydrates. One serving contains specifically 5 grams of creatine, which is enough to see its beneficial effects. Creatine increases physical performance during short-term consecutive sessions of very intense training. Therefore, both strength and group athletes, as well as HIIT lovers, focus on its supplementation. However, the formula also includes the amino acid l-alanine or taurine, which is a common ingredient in energy drinks.


The supplement also contains potassium phosphate and alpha-lipoic acid, which are involved in energy metabolism. However, l-leucine, l-isoleucine, and l-valine, known collectively as BCAAs, also play a role. These are essential amino acids that our body cannot make on its own, so we have to take them from food or supplements. They play an important role, as they are involved in the synthesis of proteins important for the maintenance and growth of muscle massSodium or magnesium, which is popular not only among athletes, also has a function in the body. It contributes to the reduction of fatigue and exhaustion, the balance of electrolytes, proper metabolism important for energy production, the functioning of the nervous system, the psyche and muscles.


In addition to the substances mentioned above, the blend also contains vitamins, in particular, vitamins C, B6 and B12. Vitamin C has an effect on the body's proper immune function, normal collagen production, cartilage, or energy conversionVitamins B6 and B12 also contribute to the correct metabolism, important for the production of energy and the functioning of the nervous system or psyche. The product is in the form of a powder that dissolves well and has an excellent taste.


Cell Tech Performance Series & its benefits 

  • contains 5 g of creatine, BCAA, vitamins, and minerals
  • positively affects performance during intense training
  • affects the synthesis of proteins important for muscle growth
  • helps reduce fatigue and exhaustion
  • contributes to the proper functioning of the nervous system, immunity, muscles, and psyche
  • affects metabolism important for energy production
  • in the form of a well-soluble powder that has an excellent taste



Fruit Punch flavour: Maltodextrin 34%, dextrose 29%, sugar 17%, creatine monohydrate 4%, flavourings, citric acid, ModCarb® (oat bran, quinoa, amaranth, millet, buckwheat), cornstarch 1%, resistant dextrin, taurine 1%, BCAA 1%, cluster dextrin 1%, anti-caking agent (silicon dioxide), L-alanine 1%, vitamin C, magnesium, beetroot colour, acidity regulator (potassium hydroxide), sodium chloride, vitamin B6, vitamin B12.


Recommended use

1 serving = 1 scoop (42 g). Take 1 serving mixed with 180 ml of water immediately after training. On non-training days, consume 1 serving in the morning after waking up. For better results, consume 2 servings (2 scoops) mixed with 250 ml of water immediately after training. On non-training days, consume 2 servings in the morning after waking up.


Nutrition facts

Nutrition 100 g 2 scoops 
Energy value 145kj / 338 kcal 1218kj / 286kcal
Fat  < 0.5 g < 0.5 g
   saturated fatty acids 0 g 0 g
Carbohydrates 82 g 70 g
   sugars 46 g 38 g
Fibre  1.7 g 1.4 g
Protein < 0.5 g < 0.5 g
Vitamin C 150 mg 124 mg
Vitamin B6 6.1 mg 5.2 mg
Vitamin B12 0.97 μg  0.82 μg
Magnesium 145 mg 122 mg
Muscle Growth And Strength Matrix: 100 g 2 scoops
Creatine Monohydrate 3.6 g 3 g
Cell-Volumizing Amino Acid Matrix: 100 g 2 scoops
Taurine 1.2 g 1 g
L-Alanine 595 mg 500 mg
BCAA Matrix: 100 g 2 scoops
L-Leucine 595 mg 500 mg
L-Valine 298 mg 250 mg
L-Isoleucine 298 mg 250 mg



As with all creatine products, maintain an adequate water intake during use. Do not use it if you have diabetes or are prone to hyperglycemia and hypoglycemia. If you experience a skin rash or other allergic reaction, stop taking it and talk to your doctor. Do not use it if you are pregnant or breast-feeding. Keep out of reach of children.

Warning about possible lumps in the product! The product contains substances that are classified as "hygroscopic". This means that they absorb moisture, and this can result in the powder clumping into hard blocks. This is perfectly normal and predictable behaviour of these ingredients and does not mean that the product is damaged, this hardening does not affect the effectiveness of the product. Simply break up the clumps and use as you would normally do. To slow down the hygroscopic effect, store the product in a cool, dry place, away from moisture (not in the refrigerator!). NEVER prepare the powder with a wet spoon! The package also contains a bag with silica gel, which absorbs moisture.


Allergen information: The product was processed in a plant that processes milk, soybeans, eggs, crustaceans, nuts, and peanuts.

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