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Arginine is a dietary supplement in form of capsules with a high content of the semi-essential amino acid l-arginine and mainly athletes will appreciate its benefits. Nitric oxide is synthesized from arginine in the body, which affects the body's blood flow and that is why it can be effective in supplying nutrients to active muscles.

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Arginine - an important substance for the formation of nitric oxide, which affects the blood flow in the body and muscles

Arginine contains the amino acid l-arginine in the form of capsules, which is associated with a number of biochemical processes in the human body. Nitric oxide is formed in the body from l-arginine, which has vasodilator effects, and that is why it affects the blood flow in the peripheral tissues of the body. Thanks to this, more oxygen, and other nutrients necessary for quality sports performance can be supplied to the active muscles. This dietary supplement is a suitable choice for athletes who want to get the most out of their training.  


Arginine & its benefits

  • contains a high amount of the amino acid l-arginine
  • in the form of capsules
  • affects the blood supply to the body and peripheral tissues
  • supports the transport of nutrients to active muscles
  • suitable for endurance, strength, and high-intensity sports performance



L-Arginine base, vegetable capsule containing hydroxypropylmethylcellulose, purified water and calcium carbonate, anti-caking agents: magnesium stearate, silicon dioxide.


Recommended use

Take a daily dose of 4 capsules about 30 minutes after exercise or in the evening. You can divide the dose into 2 capsules in the morning with food and 2 capsules at bedtime.


Nutrition facts

Nutritional values 1 serving (4 capsules)
L-arginine base 2000 mg



Not suitable for children and adolescents under 18, pregnant, and breastfeeding women. Not suitable for metabolic disorders with elevated arginine levels. Not suitable for people suffering from diabetes and respiratory diseases (e.g. asthma), heart, blood vessel, liver and kidney disease, and blood pressure disorders. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose. The product is not intended to be used as a substitute for a varied diet. Keep out of reach of children. Store in a dry place at a temperature up to 25 °C, protect from direct sunlight and frost.

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