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Women's Vanish Seamless Tank is a sporty women's tank top with a shorter cut and a seamless design. You'll appreciate it for exercise, running or HIIT training because it wicks away sweat and dries quickly. It can be combined with any sports outfit and is great with leggings or shorts with a higher waistband, for example.

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Women's Vanish Seamless Tank Top - feel stylish and comfortable during your workouts in the gym or any sports activities

Women's Vanish Seamless Tank Top is a comfortable sports piece that fits perfectly into the wardrobe of every active woman. It is made from a combination of nylon and elastane. This blend of materials ensures that it wicks away sweat well, dries quickly and adjusts to the shape of the body, providing perfect fit. This tank top can thus be a great part of your sports outfit, whether for a gym workout, run or HIIT workout


It has a seamless design, which makes it pleasant to the body and doesn't irritate the skin. Its minimalist design ensures that you'll be able to pair it with any sporty outfit. For example, it goes great with leggings or shorts with a high waist. 


Women's Vanish Seamless Tank Top & its benefits

  • seamless women's sporty tank top
  • made from nylon and elastane
  • wicks away sweat well and dries quickly
  • pleasant to the skin
  • features a minimalist design
  • perfect for sporty outfits
  • boasts a shorter cut
  • pairs with leggings or shorts with a high waist
  • suitable for working out, running or HIIT workouts, as well as any other sports activity



90% nylon, 10% elastane


Size Chart

Size XS S M L
Chest circumference 83-85 cm 88-90 cm 93-95 cm 99-103 cm
Waist  65-67 cm 70-72 cm 75-77 cm 81-85 cm
Hips 88-90 cm 93-95 cm 98-100 cm 104-108 cm
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