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Women's Tech SSC T-Shirt is designed for all demanding women who want to feel fresh, dry and enjoy maximum comfort during all activities. It is made from a comfortable material that reliably wicks away sweat. Great for the gym, running and other activities.

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Women's Tech SSC T-Shirt offers maximum comfort and functionality, which will keep you dry even during the most demanding activities

Women's Tech SSC T-Shirt is one of the quality functional pieces that you will enjoy during all activities. It excels in both material and functionality. Made from a combination of cationic and classic polyester, it's lightweight and perfectly sweat-wicking. In addition, cationic polyester accumulates less static electricity than classic one. This is especially useful if you don't want your shirt to become uncomfortably electric, get your hair caught on it, or mess up your hairstyle when getting dressed. Plus, the fabric is supremely comfortable. This is aided by a loose fit, which provides even more freedom of movement. 


The shirt also features technology that minimizes any odour. Even during a hard workout, you'll feel fresh. In addition to functionality, the t-shirt boasts a nice single-colour design, making it easy to mix and match. You can easily wear it with any shorts, leggings, sweatpants and other pieces to create a decent outfit for the gym and other activities.


Women's Tech SSC T-Shirt & its benefits

  • women's sports t-shirt with a short sleeve
  • made of a combination of 2 types of polyester
  • the cationic polyester contained does generate static electricity
  • reliably wicks away sweat
  • ensures freedom of movement
  • has an airy fit
  • easy to mix and match
  • suitable for the gym, running and casual wear



67% cationic polyester, 33% polyester


Size Chart

Chest circumference (cm) 83-85  88-90  93-95  99-103  107-110 
Waist (cm) 65-67  70-72  75-77  81-85  89-93 
Hips (cm) 88-90  93-95  98-100  104-108  112-116 
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