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Women's Reflex High Waisted Biker Shorts have a slightly elongated cut, which you'll appreciate during athletic performance. This means you'll never have to worry about them sliding up and revealing more skin than you'd like to. Their sophisticated single colour design makes them easy to combine with any top in your wardrobe. 

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Women's Reflex High Waisted Biker Shorts stay firmly in place and provide maximum comfort no matter the activity

Women's Reflex High Waisted Biker Shorts are a sophisticated piece of sportswear that will do its job perfectly whether you're training intensely, or indulging in leisure time activities. Their slightly elongated cut prevents them from sliding up during exercise, meaning you don't have to worry about revealing more skin than you'd like to, whether you're going for a run or performing deep squats at the gym. The practical high waist makes the shorts easy to combine with all tops and sports bras. The material combines 87 % nylon for sweat absorption and ventilation and 13 % elastane, which provides the shorts with great flexibility. Aside from their brilliant practicality, you'll also appreciate their sophisticated single colour design decorated with a sleek Ryderwear logo placed at the waist.



87 % nylon, 13 % elastane


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Waist circumference 60-67 cm 68-74 cm 75-81 cm 82-88 cm 89-98 cm
Hips circumference 84-91 cm 92-98 cm 99-105 cm 106-112 cm 113-120 cm
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