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Waterproof Dry Bag with a waterproof certificate is the perfect solution for unfavourable weather conditions such as heavy rain or snow, in which it will keep its contents dry. It comes with adjustable straps for comfortable use. The size can be adjusted by rolling the bag up, depending on how much you fill it up

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Waterproof Dry Bag with waterproof certificate will keep your things dry in all weather

Waterproof Dry Bag is certifiably waterproof and offers the perfect solution to everyone looking for a practical companion that will keep their belongings dry while doing water sports such as paddleboarding or canoeing. Whether you’re facing difficult weather conditions in the form of heavy rain or snow, or are going rafting, the Waterproof Dry Bag will reliably protect your belongings from the elements. With its volume of 15 L, it can be used to store and carry small items such as your wallet, keyring, spare clothing or food. 


What’s more, the design of the bag takes your comfort into consideration. It can be carried easily thanks to its adjustable shoulder straps. Using just one of these converts it into a practical shoulder bag. The size itself can be changed too, as the bag rolls up conveniently, depending on the size of its load. Once rolled up, the top end fastens with a simple snap buckle. The bag’s minimalist design is sure to complement your style. All in all, Dry Bag is a handy companion to everyone who enjoys an active lifestyle and has a particular passion for water sports and loves being outdoors despite unfavourable weather conditions. 


Waterproof Dry Bag Orange - GymBeam


Waterproof Dry Bag & its advantages

  • bag with a waterproof certificate
  • ideal for water sports such as paddleboarding or canoeing
  • resists heavy rain and snow
  • volume of 15 litres
  • keeps your belongings dry
  • suitable for storing small items such as wallet, keyring, clothing and food
  • comes with adjustable straps
  • may be worn as a shoulder bag
  • rolls up to adjust
  • fastens with a snap buckle
  • sports a minimalist design






Diameter 22 cm
Height 35 cm
Volume 15 l
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