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Unstoppable Running Gloves are made for all runners, cyclists, cross-country skiers and other athletes who are looking to keep their hands warm while doing sports in the colder months of the year. The palm area is coated with an anti-slip surface for better grip on your bicycle steering or your smartphone. What's more, the fabric of the gloves allows you to actually operate its touch screen. Thanks to its minimalist design, these gloves easily fit into any sports outfit. 

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Unstoppable Running Gloves are perfect for doing sports in cold weather, reliably keeping your hands warm, wicking away sweat, and even allowing you to operate a smartphone or watch

Unstoppable Running Gloves are a pair of practical sports gloves that will provide essential service to every athlete who enjoys doing sports out in cold weather. There's nothing worse than having your bike ride, run, or other sports activity interrupted by the unpleasant sensation of having frozen fingers. The gloves are made from a combination of sturdy polyester and spandex, thanks to which they are flexible, highly durable and reliably warm you up all while wicking away any sweat and humidity. The cut is narrowed down in the wrist area to ensure they fit properly and don't slip off.  


To ensure you can get a good grip on the steering of your bicycle, the palms are coated with an anti-slip surface. This additionally means you won't have to worry about losing grip on your water bottle or your smartphone. What's more, the tips of three fingers on each glove are specially fitted to allow you to operate a touch screen of your smartphone or your smart watch. This way you can easily stay connected even when doing sports, track your speed as you go, or respond to urgent messages. Your safety was also an important concern that we took into consideration when designing these gloves. For this reason, the gloves come equipped with reflective elements so that you are well-visible even in low-light conditions. 


Finally, we cannot overlook the simple design, the single-colour decorated with a GymBeam logo. These gloves will be easy to match with any sports outfit, and will become an indispensable company whenever you are running, biking, hiking or doing other sports in cold weather.


Unstoppable Running Gloves & their advantages

  • sports gloves for cold weather
  • made from a combination of polyester and spandex
  • outstanding durability and flexibility
  • narrowed at the wrists to improve the fit
  • equipped with reflective elements
  • each glove is equipped with three fingertips that allow you to operate a touch screen
  • keep your hands warm
  • reliably absorb sweat
  • simple, easy to combine design
  • ideal for running or cycling in winter, as well as other cold weather sports



88 % polyester, 12 % spandex


Size Chart

Length of the glove (cm) 24 24.8 25.6
Width of the glove (cm) 9.5 10 10.5
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