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Universal Mobile Phone Holder is a practical accessory for bicycles and scooters. It is easy to install, and the size can be adapted to mobile phones with a width of 55-100 mm. It reliably holds the mobile phone on the handlebar, so you can comfortably use GPS navigation or sports apps while riding. 

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Universal Mobile Phone Holder - a practical tool for attaching your phone to the handlebar of a bicycle or scooter

Universal Mobile Phone Holder offers a practical solution for attaching your smartphone to the handlebar of a bicycle, scooter or motorcycle. You can keep the display in sight while riding, so you can monitor, for example, GPS navigation or a sports app. It reliably holds mobile phones with a width of 55-100 mm.


Installing this accessory is really easy. Just follow the provided user manual for step-by-step instructions. In addition, everything you need for installation such as an Allen key is included. Quickly mount the holder on the handlebars, secure your phone with the adjustable screw, and enjoy a reliable attachment, even in challenging terrain. The holder's elegant design ensures it complements the look of your bike or other transportation without any concerns.


Universal Mobile Phone Holder is an ideal tool for cyclists, scooter, or motor scooter riders. It eliminates the need to constantly pull your phone from the pocket or backpack to check the map during the trip. Additionally, it proves handy for moms on walks, easily attaching to baby stroller handles for added convenience.


Universal Phone Holder - GymBeam


Universal Phone Holder & its benefits

  • practical tool for attaching your mobile phone to the handlebars
  • suitable for mobile phones with a width of 55-100 mm
  • reliably holds the phone even in difficult terrain
  • easy to install
  • has an elegant design
  • allows comfortable viewing of the mobile phone display while driving 
  • suitable for bicycle, scooter or scooter
  • suitable for baby stroller handle






Weight 70 g
Dimensions 43 x 58 mm
Holder width (mobile width) 55-100 mm
Package size 83x 46x 38 mm
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