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Ultimate Tee is a highly flexible and functional piece with short sleeves, ideal for every training. It hails from the STRIX family of premium sportswear and boasts the quick-dry technology, meaning it will keep you dry even through the hardest of workouts. This fact makes it the ideal choice for both professional athletes and particularly demanding amateurs.

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Ultimate Tee - uncompromisingly flexible and functional piece with quick dry technology that will ensure maximum comfort at every training session 

Ultimate Tee is an elastic and highly functional piece with short sleeves, manufactured using the latest technologies. The quick-dry technology applied on its fabric will keep you dry no matter how hard you work out. It is made from durable polyester and flexible elastane. This combination of materials ensures maximum freedom of movement, no matter the activity.


The ventilation strip at the back adds to the breathability. The back is also where you find the stylish STRIX family logo. All of these attributes make this t-shirt your best choice for any kind of sport. Not only will it help you push your limits, it will also highlight your hard-earned muscles. The t-shirt is therefore ideal for every professional athlete as well as every demanding amateur. Join the elite created around the STRIX brand and fully express your love for an active lifestyle.


Ultimate Tee Plum - STRIXThe model is 176 cm tall and is wearing a size M.


Ultimate Tee & its advantages 

  • uncompromising quality, functional materials, premium short-sleeve STRIX design  
  • quick-dry technology
  • elastic and breathable
  • keeps you dry at every workout 
  • made from durable polyester and flexible elastane 
  • provides maximum freedom of movement at every training  
  • back equipped with a ventilation strip
  • highlights your hard-earned musculature
  • minimalist design
  • ideal for both professional and amateur athletes 



T-Shirt: 92% polyester, 8% elastane
Strip: 93% polyester, 7% elastane


Size Chart

Front length 69 cm 71 cm 73 cm 75 cm 77 cm 83 cm
Sleeve length 20.5 cm 21.5 cm 22.5 cm 23.5 cm 24.5 cm 25.5 cm
Shoulder breadth 36.1 cm 37.3 cm 38.5 cm 39.7 cm 40.9 cm 42.4 cm
Chest circumference 108 cm 113 cm 118 cm 123 cm 128 cm 137 cm
Hips circumference 106 cm 111 cm 116 cm 121 cm 126 cm 131 cm


General anthropometric dimensions

Chest circumference  95-100 cm 100-105 cm 105-110 cm 110-115 cm 116-121 cm 122-126 cm
Waist 74-79 cm 80-85 cm 85-90 cm 91-95 cm 96-101 cm 102-105 cm
Hips 86-90 cm 94-98 cm 100-104 cm 106-110 cm 111-116 cm 117-122 cm
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