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Thermo Detonator is revolutionary thermogenic fat burner which supports effective fat burning, protects from muscle mass loss, it reduces the appetite and increases energy. it is suitable for men and women which contains 225 mg of caffeine and that's why it supports concentration and brightness.

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Thermo Detonator - thermogenic fat burner which protects from muscle mass loss, reduces the appetite and increases energy level 

Thermo Detonator is quality thermogenic fat burner thanks to its high effective substances. At intensive exercising, it guarantees effective fat burning and protects from muscle mass loss. Special composition accelerates metabolism, helps to reduce the appetite, increases energy and supports concentration. It stimulates noradrenaline hormone which supports energy production from fat. 

 Thermo Detonator 100 caps - Grenade


It is suitable for men and women and it quickly becomes necessary supplement for fitness enthusiasts throughout the world. It is a favourite of many sportsmen from common gym visitors to top sportsmen. If it is used synergically and with eating plan and suitable exercising program, it increases energy level, breaks the fat down and will help to achieve the shape of the body you have been dreaming of. 


How does it work?

It contains only components with the highest pharmaceutical quality degree. The excellent combination of components at which there was proven that burn fat, it guarantees that the ultimate supplement will come to you. This supplement increases weight loss, limits the appetite, increases energy and improves brightness. 

  Thermo Detonator 100 caps - Grenade


Thermo Detonator and its benefits

  • progressive thermo fat burner
  • it effectively helps to break the fat down
  • it increases mental capacity
  • it reduces the appetite
  • it improves brightness
  • it increases energy level
  • it contains 225 mg of caffeine



Use 2 capsules immediately after waking up on an empty stomach, drink away with water. Then 2 capsules 30 minutes before lunch, drink away with water.


How to dose it in testing phase?

If you want to know how your body tolerates this supplement, start using 1 capsule twice a day during the first 7 days. 


Warning! Product contains especially patented cap GRENADE, that's why you should be careful of not exploding in your hands! The cap GRENADE is not screwing but it is "safety cap of latch".


 Table of nutrition facts

Nutrition facts1 dose (2 caps)
Energy 50 kJ / 12 kcal
Green tea 500 mg
Seville orange crust 420 mg
Caffeine 225 mg
Cayenne pepper 200 mg
Fenylalanine 25 mg
Green tea 10 mg


Other components

Magnesium stearate, gelatin capsule (ultrapure water, dyes E133, E102, E129), titanium dioxide.



Supplement designed for special nutrition - suitable for sportsmen. Store in a dry place at a temperature not exceeding 25 ° C. Protect from frost and direct sunlight. Not suitable for children, pregnant and nursing women. Keep out of reach of small children! The manufacturer is not liable for any damage caused by improper use or storage. After opening, consume up to 120 days. It doesn't contain substances of doping character. In case of health problems, consult a doctor before using this product. Product made in a factory that also processes milk products, soy, eggs, nuts and wheat. 

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