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T2 Fitness Gloves are stylish gloves to protect your hands, which feature a durable material. They are thus ideal for strength training and will help protect your hands when working with heavy dumbbells, weight machines or when exercising on pull-up bars.

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T2 Fitness Gloves are characterized by their comfortable and durable material, which makes them ideal not only for strength training

Fitness Gloves T2 Black are stylish gloves to protect your hands, which feature neutral design and thus fit into every sports outfit. They are made of quality durable material, which will save your hands from abrasions and blisters when exercising with heavy dumbbells or on the pull-up bar. The palm area is equipped with G-foam padding material, which provides quality protection of the skin from abrasions and blisters.


The gloves are made from two-way stretch fabric, while the area between the fingers is made from flexible elastane. This combination of materials makes the gloves comfortable to wear and perfectly fit and adjust to the shape of your hands. In addition, the thumb base on the palm side features a microfiber fabric with perforations for ventilation and airflow. The rest of the thumb area is covered with a cotton fabric that effectively absorbs sweat.


The gloves will also impress you with their fastening. This is because it includes a black strap, which you can wrap around your wrist several times. This strap can provide better stability and protection, while additionally allowing you to make your gloves as tight as you are comfortable with. Moreover, you don't have to worry about the gloves ripping thanks to the special stitching that ensures their durability and protection from tearing. 


The fitness gloves are thus a must-have accessory for every strength training enthusiast. They protect your hands when exercising with a barbell, heavy dumbbells or gym machines. You'll also appreciate wearing them when exercising on a pull-up bar, whether in the gym or outdoors on the workout playground.


T2 Fitness Gloves & their benefits

  • durable hand protection during workouts
  • made with high-quality durable material
  • feature G-foam padding material
  • made from two-way stretch fabric
  • protect palms from abrasions and blisters
  • special stitching protects gloves from tearing
  • comfortable to wear
  • they wrap around the hand and adjust to its shape
  • absorb sweat effectively
  • a wide wrist strap ensures stability and protection
  • suitable for strength training
  • suitable for working out with a barbell, heavy dumbbells or weight machines
  • suitable for pull-up bar workout in the gym or on the workout playground



Palm: microfiber covered with silicone for better grip

Fabric on fingers: elastane

Strap: 30% cotton, 70% nylon


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Palm circumference 15-17 cm 18-20 cm 21-23 cm 24 cm
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