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Series-5 Long Sleeve Compression Top is a functional sportswear designed for the most demanding athletes. It ensures the highest comfort and support even during the most strenuous trainings due to premium materials with a high degree of compression. Mesh panels around the chest and spine area provide superior breathability. It adapts perfectly to the shape of your body and does not restrict movement in any way, which makes it ideal for strength training, running and other sports activities.

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Series-5 Long Sleeve Compression Top - sportswear that provides unrivalled comfort during intensive training

Series-5 Long Sleeve Compression Top is a functional sportswear that will satisfy the needs of even the most demanding athletes. It adapts to any body shape and adheres to the body like a second skin. This provides unrestrained movement and ensures a full range of motion during any exercise. It boasts a high degree of compression, which is mostly noticeable around the arm area. It is designed to promote blood circulation in the working muscles. Higher blood flow leads to a more efficient drainage of lactic acid and an accelerated rate of regeneration. During the training it tightly hugs the muscles and helps reduce their vibration, which can result in a better performance. 


The material has a high content of polyamide (76%) that boasts quick-drying and sweat-wicking capabilities. The remaining 24% is elastane, which ensures that the top adapts to the shape of your body and is very elastic. High-quality mesh panels are placed around the chest and spine area for an effective temperature regulation and superior breathability. This top has a modern yet simple design, which you can easily combine with other sportswear. Gold reflective elements that are located on the chest and sleeves look very stylish and will increase your visibility, so that others can see you clearly while going for a run at night.     


Series-5 Long Sleeve Compression Top & its benefits

  • men's functional long sleeve sportswear
  • boasts a high degree of compression, especially around the arm area
  • made of a combination of polyamide and elastane
  • PETA-Approved Vegan certification
  • adapts to the body shape
  • reliably wicks away sweat
  • features gold reflective elements
  • modern design
  • suitable for strength or athletic training
  • ideal for racquet sports   



76 % polyamide (nylon), 24% elastane   


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