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RX3 Women's Fitness Belt is a useful accessory for female strength athletes. It helps strengthen the middle section of the body and reduce the risk of injury when lifting heavy weights. It features high-quality material, secure fastening and advanced padding technology, which will ensure maximum comfort when using it. Therefore, it will be especially appreciated by powerlifters, bodybuilders, weightlifters or crossfitters.

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RX3 Women's Fitness Belt will help stabilize the middle section of the body and reduce the risk of injury during strength training

RX3 Women's Fitness Belt is a useful accessory for athletes, which can lead to better results in strength training. It helps strengthen the middle section of the body, improve stability when exercising, and correctly perform exercise technique when lifting heavy weights. This can help protect your back during exercise and reduce the risk of injury.


The belt is made from high-quality and strong material, which contributes to maximum support during exercise. Thanks to Eva Lution Sheet technology, it is both soft and comfortable. It is an advanced padding consisting of foam, which can absorb pressure and distribute it evenly along the length of the belt. This provides comfort even during the most strenuous workouts. The outside part of the belt is also covered with soft material, which ensures that the belt isn't too tight and is comfortable to wear.


RX3 Women's Fitness Belt resists significant pressure thanks to its functional fastening method. It features an efficient Hook & Loop Closure system and Tension Lock Technology system, which is the most secure way of fastening the belt. Together with a Solid Stainless Steel Buckle, the belt will perform its function even during the most demanding exercises. This way, you can use it especially for heavy squats or deadlifts.  


The fitness belt will fit into your equipment if you are a fan of strength training. When lifting heavy weights, it will be appreciated by powerlifters, bodybuilders, weightlifters or crossfitters. 


RX3 Women's Fitness Belt & its benefits

  • an exercise accessory for female strength athletes
  • made from strong and durable material
  • soft and comfortable
  • features Eva Lution Sheet technology
  • the contained foam can absorb pressure and distribute it evenly
  • has a secure fastening method
  • helps to stabilize the middle section of the body and reduce the risk of injury
  • suitable for heavy weight lifting
  • suitable for powerlifters, bodybuilders, weightlifters or crossfitters




Polyester/nylon fabric body
Lining: Black sponge fabric
Inside: Ethylene vinyl acetate


Size chart

Size Waist circumference
XS 50.8-63.5 cm
S 63.5-73.66 cm
M 73.66-86.36 cm
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