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ROLL Wrist and Forearm Roller is an effective exercise equipment that will help you increase the strength in your wrists and forearms. Simply clip in the weight of your choice up to 50 kg, and exercise by winding it up towards the handle, which engages forearm muscles intensely. As a result, you may improve your grip strength, which is particularly useful for powerlifters, heavyweight lifters, bodybuilders, crossfit athletes, as well as rock climbers and other sports enthusiasts

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ROLL Wrist and Forearm Roller - a fitness tool for strengthening and solidifying your wrists and forearms, ideal for strength-focused athletes and rock climbers

ROLL Wrist and Forearm Roller is a fitness tool designed for improving your grip strength, as well as the strength of your entire arms. It consists of a comfortable foam handle, a wind-up cord, a carabiner, and a steel weight plate holder with a 6 cm diameter at the bottom, thanks to which it can fit a variety of weight plate sizes. Simply place the holder on the floor with the round side down, and thread the weight plates you want to use through the bar. Then attach the handle using the carabiner, and you can begin exercising. By moving your wrists, you wind up a 100 cm long cord. In this motion, you intensely engage the muscles of your forearms and your wrists, which effectively strengthens them. The roller can be loaded up with weight plates up to 50 kg.


This fitness tool will help you increase your grip strength, which is often a limiting factor when training deadlifts, pull-ups or exercises using kettlebells. Strong forearms and wrists are also crucial for rock climbing (both in and outdoors), playing tennis, golf, baseball, and in martial arts


This means that ROLL Wrist and Forearm Roller is useful for powerlifters, heavyweight lifters, bodybuilders, crossfit athletes, as well as a whole range of other athletes in a variety of sports. Beginners in particular need to take care to increase their load progressively. This great exercise tool will perfectly complement the equipment available at every commercial gym as well as at home.


ROLL Wrist and Forearm Roller & its advantages

  • an effective training tool for strengthening your wrists and forearms
  • comfortable foam handle
  • the bottom part of the weight plate holder has a diameter of 6 cm
  • allows you to use regular weight plates
  • maximum weight capacity of 50 kg
  • winding cord with a length of 100 cm
  • easy to use for exercise
  • strengthens wrists and forearms
  • improves grip strength
  • great addition to a home gym
  • suitable for use at a commercial gym
  • ideal for powerlifters, heavyweight lifters, crossfit athletes and rock climbers
  • suitable for boxers, martial artists and other combat sports athletes






Holder diameter 6 cm
Holder length 20 cm
Handle length 40 cm
Winding cord length 100 cm
Winding cord thickness 3.8 cm
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