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Reflective Band is among the crucial accessories for cyclists, runners, active lifestyle enthusiasts, as well as pedestrians who want to make sure they are well visible for safety reasons. It serves as a security element for performing sports in low visibility conditions, and after dark. Thanks to this reflective band, nobody will overlook you. It is made from durable and flexible polyester

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Reflective Band - a crucial security element that will improve your visibility in the dark or during unfavourable weather conditions 

Reflective Band is among the most crucial security elements designed for every outdoor athlete who performs in the dark, or in low visibility conditions, e.g., in rain or thick fog. It is ideal for runners, cyclists, but also pedestrians and other active lifestyle enthusiasts. Thanks to its highly reflective surface, this band will ensure you are always well visible on any road, even in difficult visibility conditions. 


This is particularly important when encountering motorized vehicles, the drivers of which will easily spot you from a larger distance when wearing the band. It is made from polyester, which makes it flexible and durable. It will easily adjust to the size of its attachment point, and stay firmly in place thanks to Velcro fastening. You can easily wrap it around your arm or leg, a bar on your bicycle, or around any suitable point on your bag, backpack, or even a baby pram. 


Reflective Band - GymBeam


Reflective Band & its advantages

  • a crucial security element 
  • improves your visibility in low light conditions as well as unfavourable weather conditions
  • ideal for runners, cyclists or pedestrians
  • durable and flexible 
  • thanks to Velcro it attaches firmly and adjusts easily
  • may be placed around your arm, leg, bicycle bar, bag, backpack or baby pram 



100 % polyester

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