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Pro Yoga Mat is a stylish and durable yoga mat designed for both beginners and advanced. With its slip-resistant finish and material that holds firmly to the floor, it will ensure stability even during the most challenging exercises. It is thus also suitable for intense yoga or bodyweight strength workouts. The mat is also suitable for pilates or meditation. 


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Pro Yoga Mat features durable material and a non-slip surface that won't let you down even during intense yoga or challenging yoga poses

Pro Yoga Mat is a must-have piece for your yoga kit. It doesn't matter if you are a beginner or advanced, this quality yoga mat is designed to make your workout perfect. Crafted from durable rubber, it can withstand even intense pressure and wear and tear. Plus, it grips to the floor very easily and you'll appreciate its slip-resistant finish. This will give you a safe place for performing yoga poses. Thanks to its stylish colour scheme, exercising on this mat will be even more of a pleasure.


You'll enjoy using the Pro Yoga Mat for slow and more intense styles of yoga. It is also suitable for pilates or bodyweight workouts. Last but not least, you can use it for meditation, various breathing techniques, as well as rehabilitation exercises.


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Pro Yoga Mat Pink - BeastPink


Pro Yoga Mat & its Benefits

  • stylish and durable yoga mat 
  • made from durable rubber and polyurethane
  • features a non-slip finish 
  • grips securely to the floor 
  • wear-resistant 
  • provides safety and stability during exercise 
  • suitable for both slow and intense styles of yoga
  • also suitable for pilates and bodyweight workouts
  • ideal for group trainings and home workouts
  • also suitable for meditation, rehabilitation or breathing exercises



PU, rubber



Length 183 cm
Width 61 cm
Thickness 0.4 cm



Proper care helps keep the mat in its intended shape and maintains its long service life and cleanness. Before storing it away, roll the yoga mat up so that its top side (the one used for exercise) points outwards. Keep in mind not to roll it up too tight, to avoid squishing it. Once your mat is rolled up, secure it with straps, and store it in a vertical position. This will help prevent unwanted curling. Before you store the mat away, always make sure it is clean and dry.

If it is not, let it dry off on air before rolling it up. The mat needs to be stored in a dry place without direct sunlight. Avoid storing any heavy objects on top of the mat, as they could easily deform it. When cleaning it, use a gentle, non-abrasive detergent made for yoga mats.

Warning: The straps are not included.

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