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Portable Electric Shaker is a practical helper for mixing powdered nutritional supplements with liquid. It is equipped with a built-in stirring leaf that ensures perfect mixing. Just press the button and in a few seconds, you'll be enjoying a lump-free protein shake. It is battery-operated and is recharged using a USB-C cable.

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Portable Electric Shaker is equipped with a built-in stirring leaf that perfectly mixes powdered supplements with liquid

Portable Electric Shaker is a perfect helper for anyone who wants to prepare a perfect silky-smooth drink without lumps. It will make it easier for you to prepare a protein shake or any other sports drink, for example after a biceps workout, when you no longer have the strength to endlessly shake the shaker. It is equipped with a built-in stirring leaf that will perfectly mix any powdered nutritional supplement with water or some other liquid.


Using this shaker is really easy. First pour water, milk or other liquid according to your preference (max 450 ml). Add a protein powder or other soluble supplement. Then tightly close the shaker with the lid and press the button on the bottom of the shaker. After 10–20 seconds of mixing, press the same button again to stop. Now your drink is ready so you can pour it into a glass or consume it directly from the shaker. Then to wash it, just pour clean water, add a detergent, close the lid and turn it on. Then rinse it with clean water. Do not put this shaker in the dishwasher.


Portable Electric Shaker is battery-operated and you can recharge it using a USB-C cable. Battery life depends on how long you mix the drink, around 30 uses on average. This shaker also impresses with colourful LED lights that turn on during mixing. Furthermore, the BPA-free material and the leak-proof lid ensure that your drink does not leak out. It has a volume of 450 ml and you can take it anywhere, for example, to prepare a protein shake after a workout.


Portable Electric Shaker & its benefits

  • practical tool for mixing powdered nutritional supplements
  • 450 ml capacity
  • BPA-free material
  • equipped with a built-in stirring leaf
  • charged using a USB-C cable
  • one charge lasts up to 30 mixes
  • flashing LED lights during mixing
  • ideal for preparing protein shakes and other sports drinks
  • offers a tight seal
  • easy to use





Package contents

  • 1× shaker (BPA-free) with stirring leaf
  • 1x leak-proof lid with rubber seal
  • 1x powerful motor
  • 1x USB-C charging cable



Technical parameters  
Shaker capacity 450 ml
Rotation speed 9000-15000 RPM
Material AS, ABS, PP, silicone, stainless steel (type 304)
Mixing indicator coloured LED lights
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