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Plasmex Blood Amino contains amino acids ideal for demanding training and weight-loss diets. These amino acids protect muscles from catabolism during exercise, as well as weight loss. Moreover, amino acids support the growth of muscle mass. The product contains fourth generation amino acids and will surprise you with its great ingredients profile.

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Plasmex Blood Amino: Amino acids that protect your muscles during training and weight loss

PLASMEX Blood Amino contains amino acids ideal for demanding training and weight-loss diets. You will achieve remarkable muscle growth with them during training when you need to supplement quality amino acids to build new muscle fibers. PLASMEX Blood Amino contains fourth generation amino acids.


During weight loss diet, these amino acids protect the muscles so that the body loses only the fat and not the muscle gains you have been working on for so long. Blood Amino creates an invisible cover on the muscles that protects them from any losses. These amino acids are also suitable for use in the non-training phase, when you want to take a break from exercise, and you do not want to lose any gained muscle fibres. One serving contains 10 capsules to maximize their effect, and you will achieve visible muscle growth in no time.

  PLASMEX Blood Amino


Plasmex Blood Amino & its benefits:

  • hydrolysed plasma globulin - 100% of the active substance
  • rapid increase in muscle mass
  • protects muscles during weight loss

Why choose Plasmex Blood Amino?

  • the best price and quality ratio
  • blood amino acids
  • amino acids of the fourth (latest) generation


Recommended use

One serving consists of 10 capsules. Consume 1-2 servings daily. Use before breakfast or after training, on rest days before meals.


Nutrition facts

One serving 3520 mg amino acids
Isoleucine 40 mg
Alanine 430 mg
Leucine 395 mg
Aspartic acid 345 mg
Valine 245 mg
Glutamic acid 305 mg
Lysine 365 mg
Glycine 285 mg
Methionine 30 mg
Histidine 215 mg
Phenylalanine 190 mg
Proline 185 mg
Threonine 100 mg
Serine 175 mg
Arginine 160 mg
Tyrosine 55 mg
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