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Pea Protein is a high-quality plant-based protein source. It does not contain sugar or other additives. You can mix it with water and take it after a workout, or you can add it to porridge, smoothies or cakes. It is ideal for strength, endurance and other athletes. Thanks to its plant-based ingredients, it is also suitable for vegans and all people who want to enrich their diet with plant-based protein.

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Pea Protein is a plant-based source of protein that contributes to muscle growth and is suitable for both strength and endurance athletes

Pea Protein is high in plant protein. As a result, it contributes to the maintenance and growth of muscle mass, as well as the maintenance of healthy bones. It boasts a high fibre content, and thus can help with digestion and the optimal composition of the intestinal microbiota. It is unflavoured and contains no sugar or other additives. Thanks to its plant-based ingredients, it is also lactose-free, making it suitable for people who avoid milk sugar for various reasons.


Pea Protein will be appreciated not only by people who engage in strength sports. Sufficient protein intake is also needed by endurance athletes, such as runners, cyclists or athletes involved in a team and other sports. It is suitable to use if you want to increase the protein intake in your diet. It is a great choice for vegans and everyone who wants to enrich their diet with plant-based proteins.


You mix it with water and take it after a workout, as well as at any time of the day as a quick snack. Mixing it with milk or a plant-based beverage will give it a smoother consistency. It can also be added to smoothies, yoghurt or cereal porridge. Simply use it to add protein to your meal without altering its natural flavour. However, if you prefer sweet flavours, you can sweeten it to your liking with erythritol, xylitol or other sweeteners.


Furthermore, you can use it for cooking or baking as it can be added to the dough or batter for a variety of cakes, muffins, pancakes and other savoury or sweet recipes. This pea protein is thus a great source of plant-based protein that you can use in many ways and it will definitely find its place in your kitchen.


Pea Protein & its benefits

  • a high-quality pea protein isolate
  • contains a high amount of high-quality vegetable protein
  • unflavoured
  • does not contain any additives, sugar, lactose or GMOs
  • contributes to the maintenance and growth of lean muscle mass and the maintenance of healthy bones
  • high in fibre
  • helps take care of digestion
  • a good plant-based alternative to whey protein
  • suitable for strength, endurance and other athletes
  • can be used by anyone as a source of protein
  • suitable for drinking after a workout, but also at any time of the day
  • can be added to porridge, smoothies or yoghurt
  • suitable for cakes, muffins, pancakes and other recipes
  • ideal for vegans



100% pea protein isolate


Recommended use

Mix one 30 g serving (2 scoops) with 300 - 350 ml of water. Mix in a shaker. Take 1 serving daily after training.


Nutrition facts

Nutrition 100 g 1 serving (30 g)
Energy value 1839 kJ / 436 kcal 552 kJ / 131 kcal
Fats 8 g 2.4 g
- saturated fatty acids 2.1 g 0.6 g
Carbohydrate 1.4 g 0.4 g
- sugars 0 g 0 g
Fibre 9.3 g 2.8 g
Protein 85 g 26 g
Salt 1.48 g 0.44 g



This product is not a substitute for a varied and balanced diet. Store in a cool, dry place, protect from frost and direct sunlight. Keep out of reach of small children. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose. Manufactured in a factory processing dairy, gluten-containing cereals, eggs, peanuts and other tree nuts and soy. Suitable for vegetarians and vegans. Not suitable for children, pregnant and lactating women.

Product detail
EAN 5903246228045
HS code 21069098: --- Ostatné
Method of protein processing izolate
Protein source peas
BIO no
Gluten-free no
Lactose free yes
Vegetarian yes
Vegan yes
Blend pure
Form powdered
Legal category of the product dietary supplement
Product Labels Vegan
Made in EU
Height 21.00 cm
Width 14.00 cm
Length 14.00 cm
Brutto weight 0.83 kg
Plastic-free packaging no
No artificial sweeteners no
GMO free Yes
Number of pieces per package 9 pc.
Netto weight 0.70 kg
Distributor GymBeam, s.r.o. Rastislavova 93, 04001 Slovakia
Main category Plant-Based Protein
Other categories Proteins
Sports Nutrition
Lactose-free products
Vegan products
Vegetarian products


Store in a dry place and protect from heat.

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