Oversized Tee Sandshell - STRIX


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Oversized Tee pushes the boundaries of modern design and comfort, making it an elite piece for everyday wear. It charms with clean lines designed to combine perfectly with any outfit. The cotton material takes care of maximum comfort, giving you a blissful feeling no matter the circumstances. It is suitable for both sports and leisure.

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Oversized Tee - timeless design and clean lines designed to match every sports or leisure outfit

Oversized Tee is a must-have piece in the wardrobe of every man who doesn't settle for the average. This timeless piece pushes the boundaries of design and blends into an elite model for everyday wear. It charms with clean lines featuring STRIX logo and is designed to perfectly match any outfit. You can effortlessly combine it with joggers, jeans, shorts or trousers. The perfectly tuned design is complemented by a careful selection of uncompromising material in the form of cotton, which will ensure maximum wearing comfort. The tee is very pleasant to the skin, lets your body breathe and gives it a natural feeling of freedom. 


You will appreciate all this in case you decide to take your casual outfit to the next level. Furthermore, it's suitable for sports as it will delight you by being breathable, flexible, absorbent and durable. As a result, it is a versatile tee for anyone who enjoys stylish clothing, sports and movement. Join the elite formed around the STRIX brand and fully express your love for an active lifestyle.


Oversized Tee Sandshell - STRIX

 The model is 190 cm tall and is wearing a size L.


Oversized Tee & its benefits 

  • an elite piece for everyday wear
  • pushes the boundaries of design and offers clean lines
  • made from cotton
  • offers maximum comfort
  • let your body breathe and gives it a natural feel
  • suitable for sports and leisure
  • breathable, absorbent, durable and flexible
  • you can easily mix and match it with any outfit



100% cotton


Size Chart

All dimensions are measured while the garment is unstretched and laid.

Front length 74 cm 75,5 cm 77 cm 78.5 cm 80 cm 83 cm
Chest circumference 116 cm 121 cm 126 cm 131 cm 136 cm 146 cm
Hem 116 cm 121 cm 126 cm 131 cm  136 cm 146 cm
Sleeve length 22.8 cm 22.5 cm 23 cm 23.5 cm 24 cm 25 cm
Cuff 41 cm 42 cm 43 cm 44 cm 45 cm 46 cm


General anthropometric dimensions

Chest circumference 95-100 cm 100-105 cm 105-110 cm 110-115 cm 116-121 cm 122-126 cm
Waist 74-79 cm 80-85 cm 85-90 cm 91-95 cm 96-101 cm 102-105 cm
Hips 86-90 cm 94-98 cm 100-104 cm 106-110 cm 111-116 cm 117-122 cm
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