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OverBall 25 cm is an exercise ball designed for a whole range of pilates, yoga, muscle strengthening, low impact and rehab exercises. It is durable, light, soft and comfortable to exercise with. It is easy to inflate and deflate with an attachment straw provided in the packaging.

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OverBall 25 cm is a practical tool for a wide range of pilates, yoga, and rehabilitation exercises and will help enhance your workouts by developing strength and endurance

OverBall 25 cm is a practical exercise ball for a whole range of pilates, yoga, rehabilitation and strengthening exercises. It will also help improve posture, stability and coordination. It is perfect for home workouts as it will help you target each muscle group. This way, you can take your home workouts to the next level and develop strength, flexibility, balance and muscle relaxation. OverBall comes with an attachment straw that can be used to inflate and deflate it. You can then choose ball firmness according to the type of exercise you would like to use it.


OverBall 25 cm & its benefits

  • exercise ball for yoga, pilates and rehabilitation
  • helps target each muscle group
  • designed for core, stability and back exercises
  • helps enhance strength, balance and flexibility
  • durable, light and soft 
  • can be inflated and deflated with the straw provided





Package includes: 1x air plug, 1x inflatable straw, plastic packaging

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