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Other RTD Beverages from manufacturer Body & Future is a category of ready to drink beverages for boosting vitality and athletic performance. Their carefully selected ingredients are designed to satisfy the needs of all runners, cyclists, swimmers, football or basketball players, as well as other athletes who need to be able to deliver a high intensity performance. 

One example of a drink found in this category is the RTD drink containing l-carnitine, a popular fat burner, designed to help you with weight loss. Other products include drinks rich in vitamins and minerals intended for use anytime before, during or after training as a way to maintain proper hydration. You may also find collagen drinks and pre-workout stimulant drinks such as Thor Shot, a product for boosting performance and muscle blood circulation, in this category.

Try out products in our RTD Beverages selection, with which solid hydration and vitality is just one drink away.

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3 Items