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Nova Cap is the ultimate accessory introduced by the premium STRIX family. It sports a minimalist design and is made with soft foam, perfectly complemented by a breathable mesh fabric section. It boasts high quality stitching and emphasis on detail. Made from polyester, the cap has an extraordinarily long service life. What's more, its size is adjustable, and it provides optimum protection from direct sunlight

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Nova Cap - ultimate headgear hailing from the STRIX family that boasts minimalist design and high quality stitching with emphasis on every detail

Nova Cap will easily top off your style without compromise. This ultimate unisex headgear will perfectly fit both men and women thanks to its premium quality minimalist STRIX family design. It is made with a pleasantly soft foam section that provides maximum wearing comfort, and completed with a breathable mesh fabric section for optimum levels of ventilation. This means it will reliably keep your head cool even during hot summer days, preventing you from excess sweating.


The cap boasts meticulously fabricated stitching that pays attention to every detail. It is made from durable polyester which ensures long service life and reliable sweat absorption, which is something you are sure to appreciate during particularly intense training sessions. What's more, its size is adjustable, so that you can fit it to your needs and fully enjoy the protection from direct sunlight that it provides. Finally, Nova Cap is not only functional, it is also a brilliant fashion accessory that will perfectly compliment any sports or leisure time outfit. Join the elite around the STRIX brand and fully express your love for an active lifestyle.



Nova Cap & its advantages  

  • ultimate headgear introduced by the premium STRIX family
  • minimalist design
  • made from 100% polyester
  • unisex design for both men and women
  • sophisticated stitching pays attention to every detail
  • comes with a pleasantly soft foam section
  • provides maximum wearing comfort
  • mesh fabric section at the back for maximum breathability
  • keeps your head cool even during hot summer days
  • adjustable size
  • reliably protects your head from direct sunlight



100 % polyester

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