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Mr. Maracuja is dried passion fruit that comes from a family-owned Vietnamese farm. It's the perfect delicacy for all exotic fruit lovers. It is processed using the latest slow-drying methods, which allows it to retain its intense flavour and aroma. It is also high in fibre.

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Mr. Maracuja - a sweet fruit snack for all dried fruit lovers

Mr. Maracuja will take you to the exotic tropics in all senses. As soon as you open the package, you will be enchanted by the enticing aroma of sweet passion fruit. The fruit used to make this tasty snack comes from a Vietnamese family farm that selects only the best quality fruit. It undergoes a slow drying process during production, allowing it to retain its full flavour and aroma.


Mr. Maracuja is especially popular because of its juiciness and rich fruit flavour. It is also gluten-free and boasts a high fibre content. It's great as a quick snack if you're in a hurry, or you can add it to your breakfast porridge, yoghurts, smoothies, or garnish desserts. Furthermore, it has a resealable package, which allows it to retain its full flavour, aroma and juiciness even after opening.


Mr. Maracuja & its benefits

  • processed with the latest drying technology
  • excels with juicy flavour and natural aroma
  • high in fibre
  • gluten-free
  • sealable packaging ensures full flavour every time you open it
  • suitable for vegans
  • suitable as a quick snack or in other dishes



Maracuja 92%, sugar 7.9%, antioxidant sodium disulfite 0.1%


Nutrition facts

Nutritional value 100 g
Energy 1423kJ / 340 kcal
Fats 0.5 g
    of which saturated fatty acids 0.00 g
Carbohydrates 82 g
    of which sugars 48 g
Protein 1 g
Salt 65 mg
Fibre 9 g



Store in a cool, dry place at 5-25°C, refrigerate after opening and consume within 3 days.

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