Challenger MMA Gloves Black - Venum


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Challenger MMA Gloves are among the essential equipment of female and male combat athletes, both at the professional and amateur levels. These are fingerless gloves designed for MMA, Muay Thai or other specific combat sports. They are made from polyurethane, which lends them sufficient durability. They have a dense foam layer on top for maximum comfort and protection for your hands during combat. Last but not least, they feature an aggressive VENUM design and reliable fastening.

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Challenger MMA Gloves - durable fingerless gloves with a thick foam layer that will protect your hands during the fight

Challenger MMA Gloves are a reliable accessory for professional and amateur MMA fighters. They are suitable for every training session and fight, where they will give you the perfect mixed martial arts experience. Made from 100% polyurethane, they are durable even when exposed to heavy blows. Additionally, they have a dense foam layer for maximum comfort and a sufficient level of protection for the hands and shock absorption. 


Thus, these gloves can help reduce the risk of bruised knuckles or various abrasions and maximize the protection of the bones of the fingers and wrists. A great bonus to the ultimate fighting experience is the wide Velcro closure, which takes care of good wrist stabilization when delivering punches. Last but not least, the gloves boast an aggressive VENUM design with the iconic snake logo that evokes both fear and fascination, feelings that are associated with the world of combat sports. 


Challenger MMA Gloves & their benefits

  • a reliable accessory for both professional and amateur MMA fighters
  • provide the ultimate mixed martial arts experience
  • made from 100% polyurethane
  • have a dense foam layer for maximum comfort, shock absorption and hand protection
  • durable and strong enough
  • can help reduce the risk of bruised knuckles or various abrasions
  • maximize the protection of finger bones
  • have a wide Velcro closure to stabilize the wrists
  • boast an aggressive VENUM design with iconic elements



100% polyurethane



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