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MGG-2103 Massage Gun is an ideal massage tool for every home. It is powerful and can help relieve muscle and fascia tension, improve blood flow in the massaged muscles, and make overall recovery more effective.

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MGG-2103 Massage Gun is a functional tool for recovery and reduction of stiffness and muscle tension

MGG-2103 Massage Gun is a functional massage tool for all athletes and non-athletes. Its versatility will also be appreciated by professional massage therapists and physiotherapists. Thanks to its high power and 5 different massage heads, it can help relieve muscle and fascia tension. You will especially appreciate this after a hard workout or after a day sitting at the office desk. Furthermore, it can improve blood flow in the massaged muscles, thus streamlining overall regeneration, which leads to faster recovery of the body after sports. The massage gun is lightweight and easily portable. This allows you to take it with you to a training session, an important match or a vacation.


When using the MGG-2103 Massage Gun, you can choose from 5 speeds. It's easy to use, making it perfect for self-massage. In addition to targeted regeneration, the massage gun can also be used to warm up and activate muscles before a workout or race. This will also allow you to perform better in the finals. 


Massage Gun MGG-2103 and Its Benefits

  • a functional massage tool for demanding athletes and non-athletes alike
  • features 5 levels of intensity
  • lightweight
  • package includes 5 interchangeable massage heads
  • ideal for massaging stiff muscles after a long sitting
  • helps relieve muscle stiffness and tension
  • may improve blood circulation in the massaged area



Technical Description  
Battery rechargeable, 24V Li-Ion 2500mAh
Battery life 20 days
Charging time 6 h
Massage heads 5 different full-body massage heads
Noise level 45 dB
Weight 870 g
Product dimensions 163 x 63 x 225 mm
Input 27 V
Power 13.5 W
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