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MERINO I Zip Up Hoodie is a functional piece that will satisfy the needs of even the most demanding men. In addition to comfort, it will win you over with its great sweat wicking capacity and the way it can regulate temperature. This makes it much more versatile and suitable not only for cold weather. Furthermore, the hoodie is equipped with practical thumbholes, pockets and a hood to keep you warm. 

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MERINO I Zip Up Hoodie is made from a functional combination of merino wool, bamboo and nylon, which makes sure it reliably wicks away sweat, is comfortable and keeps the temperature perfectly

MERINO I Zip Up Hoodie is tailored for the most demanding men, who want to feel comfortable during all activities. It is made of a functional combination of materials that are pleasant to the body. It features 50% high-quality certified merino wool, which boasts the best properties. Such material is soft and gentle, ensuring maximum comfort for all men who put it on. In addition, it can perfectly regulate body temperature, for example, in winter it will reliably keep you warm, thanks to its medium weight (270 gsm). And in warm weather, it will help to cool down your body. This ability is enhanced by the 40% bamboo blend. Additionally, both of these fabrics will help to keep you dry during all activities. That's because bamboo can absorb more sweat, while merino wool will reliably wick it away from the skin and ensure that excess moisture evaporates. This is further ensured by the included nylon, which prevents vapour precipitation. This makes all materials perfectly complement each other. Merino wool and bamboo also boast antibacterial features, as they prevent the growth of odour-causing bacteria. This will be appreciated, for example, during a long sporting activity or on a multi-day trek.


Besides the fine material, this piece will also delight you with its fit. It is extremely flexible and tailored to the male body. This way, the hoodie does not restrict movement and you can enjoy all the activities. Whether you go for a walk, hiking, running, cycling, skiing or other sports, the hoodie will always do you a great service. One more practical feature includes a shaped hood that stays in place, keeps you warm and helps you focus only on your performance while exercising. The hoodie is also equipped with a zipper, thumbholes and two side pockets to warm your hands in the winter or hide small items you want to keep close by. Last but not least, it has a simple monochrome design that's easy to mix and match. So it will fit perfectly into every sports and leisure outfit.

If you are looking for the ultimate functional and versatile hoodie that you can rely on no matter the activity or weather, you have just found it.  Join the STRIX elite and show your love for an active lifestyle.


MERINO I Zip Up Hoodie & its benefits

  • a functional hoodie with a zipper
  • made from a combination of merino wool, bamboo and nylon
  • keeps you warm or cool
  • reliably absorbs and wicks away sweat
  • stands out for its breathability
  • prevents the formation of odour-causing bacteria
  • very pleasant to the body
  • features practical thumbholes
  • ideal as a mid-layer for cold weather
  • can also be worn as an outer layer
  • equipped with two handy pockets for small items
  • doesn't restrict movement thanks to its fit
  • great for running, biking and hiking
  • you can also use it for typical winter sports
  • ideal for leisure wear



50% merino wool, 40% bamboo, 10% nylon

Merino wool density: 270 gsm


Size Chart

Front length 72 cm 73.5 cm 75 cm 76.5 cm 78 cm
Chest circumference 98 cm 103 cm 108 cm 113 cm 118 cm
Waist 94 cm 99 cm 104 cm 109 cm 114 cm
Bottom circumference 95 cm 99 cm 103 cm 107 cm 111 cm
Sleeve length 62.5 cm 63.5 cm 64.5 cm 65.5 cm 66.5 cm
Cuff circumference 19.8 cm 20.4 cm 21 cm 21.6 cm 22.2 cm


General anthropometric dimensions

Chest circumference 95-100 cm 100-105 cm 105-110 cm 110-115 cm 116-121 cm
Pas 74-79 cm 80-85 cm 85-90 cm 91-95 cm 96-101 cm
Hips 86-90 cm 94-98 cm 100-104 cm 106-110 cm 111-116 cm


How to wash and care for merino wool clothing?

Wash on a very gentle cycle up to 30°C. Do not dry clean. Do not bleach. Do not iron. Do not tumble dry. Do not wring. Dry on a flat surface.

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