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Men's Functional Clothing is a category that every active man should explore. It contains everything necessary to achieve peak athletic performance. Apart from their modern designs, the individual pieces stand out with their cuts and materials, which are comfortable, fit perfectly, and efficiently wick away sweat. Some pieces are even compressive, leading to more effective recovery, lactic acid removal, and potentially enhanced performance. If you're committed to pushing your limits and constantly striving for progress, you'll find clothing in this category that will definitely aid you on your journey.  

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What's the offer of men's functional clothing?  

  • Men's tank tops and T-shirts with short and long sleeves feature various cuts, from looser ones that excel in breathability to compressive ones that promote blood circulation. Depending on the purpose, it's essential to choose the right material. Cotton works well for less intense activities such as yoga, while synthetic materials like polyester are ideal for sports activities, as they will help keep you dry by wicking away sweat and drying quickly.  
  • Special mention goes to the warmer zip-up and mock neck long-sleeve T-shirts, which are ideal for cold weather, as they provide warmth and temperature retention. You can also use them as one of the layers under a skiing jacket.  
  • When it comes to shorts, you can decide between regular functional shorts, compression shorts, or even 2-in-1 variants that feature a looser outer layer. All types of shorts effectively wick away sweat, making them suitable for the gym, running, and other activities that require staying dry and comfortable.  
  • Leggings are not exclusive to women's wardrobes; men also fancy wearing this functional piece. They will underline a well-toned body, help with sweat management, and can be used as a base layer in cold weather. They are even available in a cropped version that ends just below the knees. The functional MERINO thermal leggings will definitely come in handy in colder weather, as they provide warmth, temperature retention and function as a base layer. 
  • Sports pants are also popular for their sweat-wicking capabilities. Compared to leggings, they have a looser fit that doesn't restrict movement, making them suitable for both more and less intense sports.  
  • Basic pieces, such as functional and compression socks or calf sleeves, are also available. They are perfect for running, hiking, cycling, and other intense activities.  
  • The Stormbreaker Jacket will be your go-to companion to fight against discomfort and will have your back in case you get caught up in bad weather.

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