Men‘s Swim Shorts Blue - GymBeam

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Men’s Swim Shorts are a light summertime piece ideal for enjoying your time by the pool or at the beach. They sport a minimalistic design decorated with a reflective GymBeam logo. Thanks to the elastic waistband, you can be sure they won’t slip off underwater, and the polyester in the fabric ensures enough durability and flexibility. What’s more, they’re quick to dry, so you can truly indulge in all the joys of a vacation close to a body of water.

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Men's Swim Shorts - light summertime swimwear equipped with a reliable waistband, ideal for enjoying your leisure time in the water

Men's Swim Shorts should find their way into the wardrobe of every gentleman who loves swimming, sunbathing and all kinds of fun summertime activities related to water. This light summertime swimwear is ideal for your time spent at the beach or by the pool. They sport a modern minimalist design decorated with a reflective GymBeam logo, and are made from polyester, thanks to which they’re durable and flexible. They also keep their shape very well and are quick to dry. Once you leave the water, the swim shorts don’t retain a lot of water, which would otherwise make them feel heavy and uncomfortable. This also means they won’t bother you by feeling wet whenever you want to grab a drink by the beach bar after taking a refreshing dip. 


Another great advantage of these swim shorts comes in the form of their practical pockets for small items, and a reliable waistband, which ensures they won’t accidentally slip off in the water. You won’t have to worry about exposing yourself in public even if you jump into water or swim at a brisk pace. Simply put, these shorts are perfect for appreciating all the joys of water in summer, whether you’re planning a trip to a water park or a beach destination. They’ll have your back on every craft from paddle boat to jet ski and naturally, they’re also the perfect choice for playing beach volleyball or football, as well as for simple sunbathing. The shorts also have inner mesh.


Men‘s Swim Shorts Blue - GymBeam

The model is 183 cm tall and is wearing a size XL.


Men's Swim Shorts & their benefits

  • a light summertime piece for enjoying the water in summer
  • modern minimalist design decorated with a reflective GymBeam logo
  • made from polyester
  • durable and flexible
  • practical pockets
  • quick to dry
  • don't soak up upon leaving water and don’t feel heavy
  • equipped with a reliable waistband to prevent them from slipping off
  • ideal for water sports and other fun activities at the beach or water park 
  • have inner mesh


Size Chart

Side length 41 cm 42.33 cm 43.6 cm 44.9 cm 46.2 cm
Waist circumference (not stretched) 72 cm 76 cm 80 cm 84 cm 88 cm
Hips circumference 110 cm 114 cm 118 cm 122 cm 126 cm
Bottom hem 2 cm 2 cm 2 cm 2 cm 2 cm
Front rise (without waistband) 21.4 cm 22.4 cm 23.4 cm 24.4 cm 25.4 cm
Back rise 31.8 cm 32.8 cm 33.8 cm 34.8 cm 35.8 cm


General anthropometric dimensions

Waist 72-80 cm 80-85 cm 85-90 cm 96-104 cm 105-110 cm
Hips 96-100 cm 100-104 cm 104-109 cm 109-115 cm 116-121 cm
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