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Men's Golden Era Sweatpants will wrap your legs in a pleasant cotton that will ensure your comfort while training or casual wear. They boast a hard to miss NEBBIA logo and a motivational quote — Yes You Can, which is there to remind you that even during today's training you will be able to push your limits. On top of that, the sweatpants also feature Mr. Olympia logo that refers to the golden age of bodybuilding.

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Men's Golden Era Sweatpants - a comfortable piece decorated with the NEBBIA logo that is suitable for training and casual wear

Men's Golden Era Sweatpants are a premium choice made of pleasant cotton that will provide unrivalled comfort while training or during other activities. These sweatpants also contain elastane, thanks to which they will perfectly fit your body shape. You can take them to the gym, for running or any other physical activity, where they will not interfere with your movement in any way because they feature narrow patent around the calves. They also feature two practical pockets, so that you can have your accessories always at hand. 


Moreover, their stylish design is also suitable for casual wear at home or downtown. At the same time, the sweatpants can be perfectly combined with a hoodie or a T-shirt. They boast the NEBBIA logo and a motivational quote — Yes You Can, which is sure complement your everyday outfits. Last but not least, they also feature the Mr. Olympia logo that refers to the golden age of bodybuilding. Get yourself a style that others are sure to envy. 


Men's Golden Era Sweatpants & their benefits 

  • premium look and made of pleasant cotton 
  • ensure your comfort during exercise
  • suitable for casual wear 
  • a narrow patent around the calves
  • feature two practical pockets 
  • perfectly complement your everyday outfit



96 % cotton, 4% polyamide


Size chart

Waist circumference 80 – 86 cm 86 – 94 cm 94 – 102 cm 102 – 110 cm
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