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Do you need help with choosing some product? Get inspired by customers who have already tried our products. Thanks to the reviews of our customers, you have easy access to the experience of others. Here you will find the most reviewed products from the category of Massage Tools. The best-selling product is Acupressure Mat Black - GymBeam.

Massage Tools is a category that features various equipment for self-massage, relieving muscle stiffness, and relaxation techniques. Tools from this category come in handy before a workout, as they help with muscle activation and blood circulation, preparing them for exertion. After exercise, they aid in the recovery of the worked muscles. However, anyone who wants to relax after a long day at work or while travelling can benefit from these tools.

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Available is also a selection of massage balls in various shapes and sizes. There's the small ball, ideal for self-massage of the feet, forearms, or deep back massage. It helps release fascia and stiff muscle knots, also known as trigger points. If you are looking to massage the lower calf area or muscles around the spine, opt for a double ball instead. A spiky ball can then target the palms or hard-to-reach areas. Additionally, a massage stick is the perfect choice for massaging the feet and back thanks to its long shape.

That said, if you are looking for proper back stretching, give a try to the relaxation and back massage pad, which is ergonomically shaped and adjustable to three positions. After a demanding day, you'll also appreciate an acupressure mat or a complete acupressure set. This tool features a spiked surface that is capable of stimulating acupressure points to induce a sense of relaxation and relief after use.

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  1. Acupressure Mat Black - GymBeam
    Acupressure Mat Black - GymBeam
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  2. Relaxation and back massage pad - GymBeam
    Relaxation & Back Massage Pad - GymBeam
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  3. Orange Massage Ball - GymBeam
    Orange Massage Ball - GymBeam
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  4. Massage ball Flexball Orange - GymBeam
    Flexball Massage Ball Orange - GymBeam
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  5. DuoRoll massage Ball Black - GymBeam
    DuoRoll Black - GymBeam
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  6. DuoRoll massage Ball Orange - GymBeam
    DuoRoll Orange - GymBeam
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  7. Restore Ultimate Back Reliever - GAIAM
    Restore Ultimate Back Reliever - GAIAM
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  8. Muscle Roller Stick - GymBeam
    Muscle Roller Stick - GymBeam
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  9. Acupressure Set Black - GymBeam
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    Acupressure Set Black - GymBeam
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  10. Foam DuoRoll Massage Aid - GymBeam
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