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Foam DuoRoll is a massage tool designed for taking care of stiff and tired muscles. It helps to massage muscles all over the body, while it can also target small and hard-to-reach areas. Whether you do sports or have a sedentary job, it will help you relax the muscles of your back, thighs, calves, cervical spine or toes, for example.

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Foam DuoRoll will help you relax stiff muscles after a workout or after sitting all day

Foam DuoRoll is a massage tool useful for taking care of the stiff and tired muscles of the whole body. Thanks to the firm foam and almond-like shape, it can help massage even small and hard-to-reach muscle groups. It will be appreciated not only by athletes but also by individuals with sedentary jobs. In fact, using this device can help relieve muscle tension and target tired and overworked muscle groups such as your calves, back, triceps, thighs or traps. Additionally, it can be beneficial for relaxing the muscles of the cervical spine or massaging the feet.


Foam DuoRoll is suitable for athletes and active people. It can be used before training as it can help with blood flow to the muscles and thus better prepare them for performance. Moreover, it is also suitable for recovery after sports. It also fits perfectly into the equipment of individuals with a sedentary lifestyle who spend prolonged hours at a computer. In this case, it helps relieve stiffness and fatigue in muscles.



This massage tool is lightweight, compact, and portable, making it easy to pack for the gym or take with you to the office. Its convenience extends to travel as well, providing a welcomed relief for your body, especially after a long trip by car or plane.


Foam DuoRoll Massager & its benefits

  • effective massage tool
  • made from firm and high-quality foam 
  • features a peanut shape
  • helps to relax stiff and tired muscles
  • suitable for massaging hard-to-reach areas
  • helps relax muscles of the back, calves, thighs, cervical spine
  • suitable for trapezius or foot massage
  • useful both before and after a workout during recovery
  • useful for people with sedentary jobs 
  • portable and compact






Length 16 cm
Width 8 cm
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