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Massage FitBall is ideal for building a full-body workout routine at home. Thanks to the rubber spikes, you'll also appreciate it for massaging and stretching tired muscles. Additionally, it can help you effectively target your core muscles or improve your posture, making it a versatile tool suitable for the home gym.

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Massage FitBall is suitable for home workouts, yoga, as well as for massaging tired muscles

Massage FitBall is a versatile fitness tool that can be used for exercising, as well as for relaxing massage and stretching your muscles. It allows you to put together an effective and complex full-body workout. At the same time, thanks to the tiny rubber spikes on one half of its surface, it will help to effectively massage and increase blood flow to stiff muscle areas.


The ball is suitable for setting up a home workout, and it will also serve as a great addition to a gym workout. It can be used to target the upper and lower body, while you can easily adjust the difficulty of the exercises to your liking and needs. For example, try hamstring curls, glute bridge or Bulgarian squats.


Fitness ball exercises also help strengthen your deep stabilization system (core) while also improving your balance or correct posture. You can use it to practice different forms of planks, for example. You can also incorporate it into your stretching routine, yoga or use it as an alternative chair in the office.


Massage FitBall has a maximum load capacity of 200 kg. It also features an ANTI-BURST system, boasting a high degree of safety. This system ensures that in case of overpressure, the air is released from the ball gradually. At the same time, you will also appreciate the ease of inflation thanks to the practical pump, which is included in the package. 


Massage FitBall 65 cm - GymBeam


Massage FitBall & its benefits

  • universal fitness tool
  • features a massage surface with rubber spikes
  • sturdy and safe 
  • boasts ANTI-BURST system 
  • can be used for strengthening all muscles
  • helps massage stiff muscles 
  • can be used for exercises with various difficulty 
  • suitable for home training, gym workouts, yoga or stretching 
  • suitable as an alternative to a chair
  • has a maximum weight capacity of 200 kg
  • includes a handy pump







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