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Long Sleeve Croptop is a fitness T-shirt for women with long sleeves in a modern crop top style that extends to the waist. It has a simple design and is made of quality material, so it is suitable for any sporting activity, but also as part of everyday outfit.

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Long Sleeve Croptop is a stylish long-sleeved T-shirt that reveals your shredded belly

Long Sleeve Croptop is a fitness t-shirt for women with long sleeves and simple design complemented by a small BeastPink logo. It is made of airy material of 95% cotton and 5% elastane to ensure a comfortable fit. It has a tight fit and reaches only to the waist, so it perfectly highlights your athletic body. The T-shirt will also serve as part of everyday clothing because you can match it with shorts, leggings or skirt.    


Long Sleeve Croptop Black - BeastPink


How to take care of a T-shirt?

Wash the T-shirt inside out at 30 °C, and if you want to iron it, use moderately warm temperature and do not iron inside out or on print. Dry it in a tumble dryer only in case you want to shrink the T-shirt, otherwise we do not recommend it.


Size Chart     

Total length 43 cm 44 cm 45 cm 46 cm
Sleeve length 62 cm 63 cm 64 cm 65 cm
Chest 82 cm 87 cm 92 cm 97 cm
Waist 71 cm 76 cm 81 cm 86 cm
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