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100 %

Oversized Limitless T-Shirt is a trendy piece with an oversized fit that every lover of comfort will appreciate. It has an extended short sleeve, ideal even for cloudy summer weather. At the same time, it is very pleasant to the skin, breathable and lightweight. It is perfect for moderate-intensity sports and leisure time, as it will provide you with maximum comfort without limits wherever you go.

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Oversized Limitless T-Shirt - a trendy piece with an oversized fit that gives you freedom and maximum comfort without limits

Oversized Limitless T-Shirt boasts a timeless design that will enrich your wardrobe for a long time. It features an oversized fit, ideal for every lover of comfort. In addition, it has extended short sleeves, which are great for warmer weather. Thanks to being made of cotton, it is pleasant to the skin, light and breathable. 


It is suitable for moderate-intensity sports activities, such as walking or hiking. In addition, it is also ideal for leisure activities and can be mixed and matched with any piece in your wardrobe. It will thus become a great companion that will give you freedom and comfort without limits, no matter where you go.


Oversized Limitless T-Shirt looks great with the Limitless Shorts that will help you create the perfect outfit.


Limitless Oversized T-shirt Cinnamon - GymBeamThe model is 188 cm tall and is wearing a size L of the product.


Oversized Limitless T-Shirt & its benefits

  • a stylish piece with a timeless design
  • features an oversized fit
  • will give you maximum comfort while wearing
  • has extended short sleeves, perfect for warmer weather
  • pleasant to the skin
  • suitable for moderate-intensity sports activities and leisure time
  • light and breathable
  • will give you freedom wherever you go



100% Cotton


Size chart

Total length 74 cm 75.5 cm 77 cm 78.5 cm 80 cm 81.5 cm
Chest circumference 116 cm 121 cm 126 cm 131 cm 136 cm 141 cm
Shoulder width 55.5 cm 56.8 cm 58.1 cm 59.4 cm 60.7 cm 62 cm
Bottom hem circumference 111 cm 116 cm 121 cm 126 cm 131 cm 136 cm
Sleeve length 23.5 cm 24 cm 24.5 cm 25 cm 25.5 cm 26 cm
Cuff 39 cm 40 cm 41 cm 42 cm 43 cm 44 cm


General anthropometric dimensions

Chest circumference 95-100 cm 100-105 cm 105-110 cm 110-115 cm 116-121 cm 122-126 cm
Belt 74-79 cm 80-85 cm 85-90 cm 91-95 cm 96-101 cm 102-105 cm
Hips 86-90 cm 94-98 cm 100-104 cm 106-110 cm 111-116 cm 117-122 cm
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