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Lifting Straps Powerhook are durable stainless-steel straps with a robust textile coating for even better barbell grip. Lifting straps help improve and strengthen the grip, support the proper exercise technique and boost strength performance.

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Lifting Straps Powerhook - highly durable stainless-steel straps to strengthen the grip, increase strength and improve exercise technique 

Lifting Straps Powerhook are durable stainless-steel straps with a robust textile coating. Thanks to the Velcro, you can quickly attach the straps, and at the same time adjust them to your requirements. The main task of lifting straps is to strengthen and improve grip, support strength performance and improve exercises technique. In addition to powerlifting, you can also use them for weightlifting or CrossFit exercises. Their maximum load capacity is up to 100 kg. The package contains 2 lifting straps.

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