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LIFTER Weightlifting EZ Bar is a two-handed 10 kg steel bar designed to help you perform a variety of exercises for arms, particularly shoulders, biceps, triceps, forearms, as well as other muscle groups. The curved shape is conducive to effective workout of specific muscles. The bar is durable and resistant to scratching. 

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LIFTER Weightlifting EZ Bar - a curved 10 kg bar for effective arm and other muscle group workouts

LIFTER Weightlifting EZ Bar is a two-handed steel lifting bar with the weight of 10 kg and chrome coating for extra resistance against scratching. It is intended for a variety of exercises for upper body, particularly for shoulders, biceps, triceps or forearms. It is ideal for performing exercises such as French press, bicep curls with both narrow and wide grip, shoulder presses as well as a whole range of others exercises. However, you don't have to limit yourself to upper body only. The bar can be easily used for working on other muscle groups, with exercises such as Romanian deadlift. Thanks to the curved shape of the bar, it is conducive highly more effective activation of your muscles, which can lead to stimulating their growth. 


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The bar is 120 cm long and has a diameter of 28 mm at the handles, thanks to which it provides a comfortable and solid grip. The loading sections of the bar are fitted for plate weights with 50 mm insertion slots. The bar has the maximum carry capacity of the respectable 136 kg. This makes it as suitable for beginners as for professional bodybuilders, powerlifters and other strength athletes. What's more, it is easy to maintain and thanks to the chromium coating, it resists corrosion. The bar can be easily placed on a dedicated stand, and it definitely should have one in every good home or commercial gym. Finally, it comes packaged with two security locks for safely mounting the necessary weight plates, preventing them from sliding off. 


We strongly recommend accompanying your order of LIFTER EZ Bar with a set of IRON Bumper Plates 51 mm, which will allow you to modify the resistance at your workout.


LIFTER Weightlifting EZ Bar & its advantages

  • two-handed lifting bar made from steel
  • weight of 10 kg 
  • chrome coating protects the bar from scratches and corrosion
  • length of 120 cm 
  • maximum carrying capacity of 136 kg 
  • intended primarily for exercising arm muscles such as biceps, triceps, shoulders, forearms, as well as other muscle groups 
  • ensures comfortable and solid grip 
  • comes with safety locks for weight plates 
  • suitable for beginners as well as professional bodybuilders or powerlifters
  • perfect for home or commercial gyms


Technical details

Weight of the bar 10 kg
Handle diameter 28 mm
Length of the bar 120 cm
Plate loading section diameter   50 mm
Max. carry capacity 136 kg


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