Kitchen Apron Black - GymBeam


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Kitchen Apron for both men and women is a great helper for anyone who likes to cook, bake or grill. It will reliably protect your clothes from getting dirty. It can be slipped over your head around the neck and tied in the back to hold it tightly. It also features a handy front pocket in which you can stash various small items. 

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Kitchen Apron - cook, bake and grill like a true chef

Kitchen Apron is a practical helper for all lovers of cooking, baking or grilling. If you spend time in the kitchen, you surely know that even with care, sometimes something will splatter out of the pot. Well, that's where a kitchen apron comes in to protect you from getting dirty. Thanks to its size, your clothes will be protected, and you can also use it to quickly wipe your wet hands. It can be slipped over your head and tied in the back with straps, making it easy to adjust its size to fit both women and men. Additionally, it features a handy front pocket to store various small items. It also has a logo GymBeam on the chest, making it clear to other diners that healthy and nutritionally balanced goodies are being prepared in the kitchen. 


Kitchen Apron Black - Gymbeam

Kitchen Apron & its Benefits

  • practical kitchen helper
  • protects clothes from getting dirty
  • can be slipped around the neck and tied in the back to hold tight
  • has an adjustable size
  • has a handy front pocket for small items



100% Polyester



Width 70 cm
Height 80 cm
Strap length 77 cm
Pocket dimensions 20 x 18 cm
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