Kickboard Orange - Arena


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Kickboard is designed with an ergonomic shape to allow you to work on both your swimming technique and lower body strength. It is comfortable to use and crafted from durable material, making it just perfect for all levels of swimmers.

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Kickboard will help you safely and effectively improve your swimming technique and strengthen your lower body 

Kickboard is designed for swimmers of all levels to practice their swimming skills, as well as to strengthen lower body muscles. It features a special contoured and ergonomic design that make it comfortable and safe to use. The grip holes then enhance stability and offer various hand positioning variations, allowing you to customize your grip for optimal comfort and control during swimming sessions. This will also allow you to safely practice various swimming styles and exercises. For example, you can work on your kicking technique by efficiently isolating your leg muscles. Overall, this kickboard will allow you to get the most out of your training sessions and improve your swimming.


Kickboard & its benefits

  • features an ergonomic shape
  • has grip holes for various hand positioning
  • helps improve swimming technique
  • you can practice kicking
  • strengthens lower body
  • made from durable material
  • comfortable to use
  • suitable for all swimmers



100% EVA



Length 27.5 cm
Width 40 cm
Height 2.7 cm
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