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K2 Knee Wraps are used for wrapping and stabilizing the knee joint during strength training. They fit perfectly around the leg and thanks to the elastic material, they adapt perfectly to your desired level of tightness. They also feature Shell Shock GEL™ technology, which reduces knee shock. This gives you increased injury protection, support and comfort when weightlifting or powerlifting. 

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K2 Knee Wraps help increase knee stability during strength training and other sports activities

K2 Knee Wraps are a training accessory that is used to wrap and strengthen the knee joint. They are made of elastic material and are also anatomically shaped, which allows them to perfectly adapt to the shape of your leg and provide the desired level of tightness. Once you wrap your knee, it is easy to securely lock and then unlock it with the Hook and Loop Velcro. You'll also appreciate the soft padding in the knee area during your workout to ensure maximum comfort. 


This fitness accessory also features Shell Shock GEL™ technology which can reduce knee shock. This will come in especially handy during plyometric training, for example during box jumps. During intense workouts, the sweat-wicking and other moisture-wicking capabilities of the lining are also a nice bonus to keep you dry.


K2 Knee Wraps will ensure you get maximum comfort and support during strength training. This will be especially appreciated by weightlifters, crossfitters, powerlifters and other athletes who need to strengthen their knees during exercise. There are 2 pieces of wraps in the pack, which boast EKO-TEX® Standard 100 certification, ensuring that they have been tested for harmful substances. In addition, they are approved by world powerlifting associations and commissions such as the USPA and IPL.


K2 Knee Wraps & their benefits

  • practical fitness training accessory
  • have elastic material and anatomical shape
  • equipped with Hook and Loop Velcro fastening
  • feature Shell Shock technology GEL™
  • stabilize the knee joints
  • reliably hug your knees
  • reduce knee shock
  • wick away sweat well
  • provide support and increase protection from the risk of injury
  • ECO-certifiedTEX® Standard 100
  • approved by the World Powerlifting Association
  • will give you comfort during every exercise
  • package contains 2 wraps 



Elastic cotton.                                        


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Width (cm) 7.62
Length (cm) 200
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