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HG Armour Comp SS Compression T-shirt is made of a combination of polyester and elastane. Thanks to this, it will perfectly fit every figure and what's more, it features quick-drying and sweat-wicking capabilities. With the use of compression, the T-shirt helps reduce muscle vibration during sports. This can then contribute to a greater comfort and better performance. It is therefore ideal for strength and endurance training.

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HG Armour Comp SS Compression T-shirt - fits any figure, reduces muscles vibrations and features quick-drying and sweat-wicking capabilities

HG Armour Comp SS Compression T-shirt  is a versatile functional piece with short sleeves that you will just love to wear to the gym, for endurance training, but also for walks and other leisure activities. The first time you try it on, you will get to feel its pleasant material, which, thanks to an admixture of elastane perfectly adapts to any figure. This means that you do not ever have to worry that it will be too big or too small. Wearing this T-shirt is like having a second skin. For the most part, the material consists of polyester. It excels for its ability to wick away sweat and dry up quickly. This ensures that you are nice and dry during all your activities. 


It is also worth mentioning the compression function of this T-shirt. It was designed to improve overall blood circulation. The compression can then also ensure a faster removal of lactate from the muscles, which is also connected to the acceleration of regeneration and more intense performance. Compression T-shirts are especially popular among active athletes who desire the best possible results. On top of that, the simple design is easy to match with other clothes, so you can wear it with any leggings, sweatpants or shorts that you like.         


HG Armour Comp SS Compression T-shirt & its benefits

  • made of a combination of polyester and elastane
  • has short sleeves
  • perfectly adapts to your figure
  • reliably wicks away sweat
  • quick-drying
  • features a compression material
  • designed to reduce vibrations and improve performance
  • easy to match with other clothes


Size Chart

Chest circumference 86-92 cm 96-102 cm 106-112 cm 116-122 cm 127-132 cm
Waist 72-76 cm 80-85 cm 89-94 cm 99-104 cm 109-116 cm



84 % polyester, 16% elastane

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