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HAWAII Bikini Bottoms will highlight your hard-earned round booty, whether you’re at the beach, pool, or simply out to take in some sun. They’re made from durable polyester and flexible elastane, thanks to which they’re quick to dry and adjust to the body. The colour will beautifully stand out on your skin.

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HAWAII Bikini Bottoms sport a decent cut that highlights a round booty and perfectly fits to the body

HAWAII Bikini Bottoms are a trendy piece with a modern cut fit that will make you stand out whether you’re at the beach or by the pool. The V-shaped Brazilian style can highlight and optically shape up your hard-earned, round booty. Another advantage of these bikini bottoms is that the material is quick to dry. Combining polyester and elastane, they are also highly durable, flexible, and perfectly adjust to your body. This means the bottoms will never roll off or cause discomfort, so that you can fully enjoy jumping into the water in any way you wish, or swimming at a pace.


The bottoms also captivate at first glance with their simple and tasteful design that doesn’t feel visually cluttered. They sport a colour scheme that goes perfectly with your tan and are decorated decently with a subtle metallic GymBeam logo which clearly shows that you are an active lifestyle enthusiast. If you’re a fashion lover and enjoy playing around with your outfits, you can combine these bottoms with any top of your choice. 


If, however, you’d prefer to wear a full set, don’t miss out on the matching HAWAII Bikini Top.


HAWAII Bikini Bottoms Lilac - GymBeam


HAWAII Bikini Bottoms & its benefits

  • a chic bikini bottom that perfectly fits to the body
  • V-shaped Brazilian style 
  • quick to dry
  • made from polyester and elastane
  • they don’t slide off or roll up
  • durable and elastic material
  • highlights your round booty
  • colour scheme that goes well with every skin tone
  • ideal for wearing at a beach or by a pool
  • single-colour design decorated with a metallic GymBeam logo
  • perfect for every lady who appreciates an active lifestyle



85 % polyester, 15 % elastane


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Waist 60-64 cm 64-68 cm 68-72 cm 72-76 cm 76-80 cm
Hips 80-84 cm 84-88 cm 88-92 cm 92-96 cm 96-100 cm
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