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Hair Claw Clip features a simple yet stylish design with a matte finish and clasp closureIt is convenient to use and will keep your hair securely in place no matter the activity you engage in. Perfect for a quick hair fix when going to work, hitting the gym, running errands or just doing some house chores.

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Hair Claw Clip boasts a simple design with matte finish and will securely keep your hair in place during any activity

Hair Claw Clip is designed for every woman who demands both style and functionality. It features a simple yet stylish design with a rectangular shape and a matte finish. It has a clasp closure and an easy grip, making sure that the hair clip won’t fall off and hold your hair tightly without damaging it. Made from acrylic material it is durable and hard to break. It is very easy and convenient to use whenever you need to pull up your hair quickly and enjoy the activity without distractions. Whether you are doing house chores, running errands, going to work or hitting the gym, this hair clip will add the perfect and stylish finishing touch to your look. Since it boasts a chic and versatile design, it will nicely match any outfit you choose.  


Hair Claw Clip & its benefits

  • boasts a simple design with matte finish
  • fits all hairstyles
  • features an easy grip and a clasp closure
  • will securely hold your hair without damaging it
  • easy and convenient to use
  • perfect for hitting the gym, doing house chores or running errands







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