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Guilty Pleasure Pack is intended for all the lovers of healthy snacking. It contains the MoiMüv Protein Spread, Protein Granola with Chocolate, MoiMüv Protein Wafer, two MoiMüv Protein Cookies and Protein Chips. With this protein laden pack at a discounted price, you can supply your body with important nutrients in an enjoyable way.

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Guilty Pleasure Pack – tasty goodies for healthy snacking that will additionally supply your body with important proteins

Guilty Pleasure Pack is ideal for all the lovers of healthy snacking because it is packed with healthy goodies only. These will supply your body with important nutrients and satisfy your sweet tooth on top of that. Inside this pack you will find the MoiMüv Protein Spread in the hazelnut flavour. It does not contain any palm oil or GMOs, and it is sweetened only with maltitol, which has a significantly lower number of calories compared to sugar. This makes it a great alternative to the traditional sweet spreads. You can enjoy it in porridges or yoghurts or with the Protein Granola with Chocolate. It will make you fall in love with its crunchy consistency and a great ingredient profile, which comprises oats, soy protein and chocolate. 


And what should definitely have a spot in the pantry of a proper snack lover? It is none other than the MoiMüv Protein Wafer in the hazelnut flavour. This wafer will delight you not only with a great taste, but also with a selected ingredient profile. It is high in protein but low in sugar at the same time. This makes it a great healthy snack after exercise or at any time of the day.


However, you can also treat yourself to the delicious MoiMüv Protein Cookies. They will help you replenish protein at any time of the day and satisfy your sweet tooth to perfection. And don't worry. We did not forget about the lovers of salty delicacies either. These Protein Chips in the sea salt flavour will surely delight them as they are a great alternative to the traditional fried potato chips.


If you know of someone who loves to snack but at the same time cares about the quality of what they eat, treat them to this pack full of healthy goodies at a discounted price.


Guilty Pleasure Pack & its benefits

  • contains a lot of healthy goodies that boast a high proportion of protein
  • includes the MoiMüv Protein Spread, which tastes great on pastries and in porridge
  • Protein Granola can be enjoyed with either milk, yoghurt or on its own
  • MoiMüv Protein Wafer is sure to delight with its crunchiness and irresistible taste
  • MoiMüv Protein Cookie is a great snack for travelling, school or work
  • Protein Chips are a perfect alternative to the traditional fried potato chips


Guilty Pleasure Pack contains

  1. MoiMüv Protein Spread - GymBeam - 400 g in a delicious hazelnut flavour.
  2. Protein Granola with Chocolate - GymBeam - 300 g of crunchy mix with oats, soy and pea protein, and chocolate.
  3. MoiMüv Protein Wafer GymBeam - 40 g crispy wafer with the popular hazelnut flavour.
  4. 2 x MoiMüv Protein Cookie - GymBeam - 75 g protein cookie in double chocolate flavour and 75 g protein cookie in blueberry & white chocolate flavour. 
  5. 1x Protein Chips - GymBeam - 40 g in sea salt flavour.
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