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Foam Yoga Block is a practical exercise aid that provides additional support and stability when performing a variety of yoga positions. Its use may facilitate the effective practice of yoga for beginners and people with less flexibility. In addition, it is suitable for stretching and pilates. Whether you take group classes or like to do yoga at home, this foam block will contribute to your experience.

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Foam Yoga Block - a versatile exercise accessory for improving support and stability when performing advanced asanas 

Foam Yoga Block is a practical exercise aid that will help you perform advanced asanas. This soft block with round edges is made from sturdy ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA). It has a cuboid shape that offers three different heights, and allows you to pick which side of the block to use depending on your chosen exercise and level of mobility and flexibility.


It will provide you with reliable support, particularly in positions that it is difficult to reach the floor. For example, you can put it under your hands while standing in a forward bend, thus shortening the distance between you and your mat. This way you may assume the intended position without compromising your technique. It may also be used when sitting as a pad under the buttocks, which relaxes your hips. 


It is particularly handy when performing more advanced yoga positions, such as the crow pose. Placing the block underneath your feet will provide you with extra stability. When lying on your side, you can place it under your head to keep your spine straight. The block can also be used for stretching. Placing it underneath your back while lying on it will help you stretch effectively. 


Foam Yoga Block can be even used for strength training. For example, you can do push-ups with two blocks underneath each palm, which makes the exercise more effective as it extends the range of motion. Simply put, this versatile accessory will find a wide range of uses in every home gym. What's more, it is light and compact, meaning you can easily take it with you in your gym bag and have it at hand at your yoga class or workout. This yoga block will be a great company for all beginners, people with less flexibility, as well as experienced yoga practitioners.


Foam Yoga Block & its advantages

  • practical exercise aid
  • made from soft and durable EVA foam
  • weights only 180 g
  • offers three different height levels
  • round edges
  • ideal for yoga
  • provides extra support and stability for a variety of yoga positions
  • ideal for both beginners and advanced practitioners
  • suitable for stretching and pilates
  • the package includes a single yoga block  





Technical details of Foam Yoga Block

Weight 180 g
Length 7.5 cm
Width 15 cm
Height 23 cm
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