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Flow Foam Roller is a massage tool with a smooth surface, made from firm and high-quality foam. It is ideal before a workout to get blood to the muscles and after it as part of recovery. This foam roller will be particularly appreciated by people who are not comfortable with a roller with 3D surface.

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Flow Foam Roller is a massage tool that will help you massage and relax stiff muscles after a workout or a long session

Flow Foam Roller is a massage tool that will help you effectively massage all your muscles. It is a valuable addition to athletes' equipment and is useful for people who spend extended periods sitting or standing at work. Made from high-quality solid foam, this roller features a smooth surface, making it an appealing choice even for those who prefer a roller without a 3D texture.


The foam roller is useful for massaging stiff and overworked muscles. It proves effective in targeting so-called trigger pointstiny muscle knots sensitive to touch—which can be beneficial in relieving stiffness. Using the foam roller is very simple: Place the foam roller under the area you want to massage, transfer your body weight onto it and roll. This way you will massage various muscle groups such as hamstrings, quadriceps, calves, upper back, or triceps.


The foam roller is a versatile tool that can be incorporated into your pre-workout routine for an effective warm-up, conditioning your muscles and preparing them for upcoming performance. Additionally, it proves valuable in post-performance recovery or whenever you need to relax stiff muscles.


This practical and compact massage roller is suitable for both home sports equipment and in the office after long sessions of sitting.


Flow Foam Roller - GymBeam


Flow Foam Roller & its benefits

  • an effective massage tool
  • features a smooth surface 
  • made from firm and high-quality foam 
  • ideal for massaging stiff muscles 
  • ideal for relaxing trigger points
  • suitable for massaging the muscles of the thighs, calves, back or triceps
  • will be appreciated before a workout to get the blood flowing to the muscles 
  • suitable after a workout as part of recovery 
  • suitable for people with sedentary jobs






Length 30 cm
Width 15 cm
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