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Fabric Cross Band Level 4 is a must-have piece in the gear of any athlete who wants to customize their strength training to their liking or would like to try yoga, Pilates, stretching and other bodyweight exercises. This is a high-quality loop resistance band that will help you effectively exercise your entire body.

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Fabric Cross Band Level 4 is the ideal tool for getting a stronger and firmer body

Fabric Cross Band Level 4 is ideal for any active person who is into exercise, strength training and wants to customize the load of each exercise to their liking. This is a loop resistance band with a pleasant textile surface that helps create optimal training resistance. This makes it easy to make various exercises easier or harder as needed for optimal training loads at home, in the gym and on the workout playground. You can use resistance band to strengthen your buttocks, legs, arms, back and more. It is also great for push-ups as it will make them easier, and you can gradually get to the stage where you can do a push-up on your own.


In addition to strength training, a resistance band can also be used for yoga, pilates, stretching or rehabilitation exercises. Thanks to its versatile use, it definitely won't stay hidden in your closet. Plus, it's made from extra pleasant material. The high-quality polyester combined with latex doesn't rub, so you can have the band right on your skin or even on your favourite leggings without any worries. This makes it an effective tool for making your bodyweight workouts easier or harder, which in turn will give a boost to muscle strengthening and growth. 

Textile Cross Band Level 4

Fabric Cross Band Level 4 & its benefits

  • resistance band
  • made from a combination of polyester and latex
  • has a textile surface
  • helps set the optimal load for exercises
  • make your workout easier or harder
  • ideal for stretching, yoga, pilates or rehabilitation
  • suitable for training at home, in the gym or on the workout playground
  • has a nice design that both men and women will love



Polyester, latex


Features of the resistance band

Length Width Thickness Resistance
208 cm 35 mm 2.7 mm 6-31 kg
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