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Earplug Pro is designed for all swimmers to protect their ears from water during swimming sessions. Made from high-quality silicone, it is pleasantly soft and comfortable, while the special shape blocks water from entering your ears. 

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Earplug Pro will protect your ears from water, while providing a secure and comfortable fit thanks to ergonomic shape

Earplug Pro will ensure that your swimming session is truly enjoyable. It features a special ergonomic shape with three rings that effectively block the water from entering your ears, while providing a secure fit. The largest ring then ensures the earplug won’t be pushed too far into your ear. At the same time, hollow stems allow for good sound perception. Last but not least, the earplug is made from pleasantly soft silicone material, ensuring it is comfortable to wear even during longer sessions. All of these features, make it perfect for both pro and recreational swimmers. There are two earplugs packed in a silicone case.


Earplug Pro & its benefits

  • protects your ears from water
  • features ergonomic shape
  • provides a comfortable and secure fit
  • made from silicone
  • boasts good sound perception
  • perfect for advanced and recreational swimmers
  • two earplugs in a package
  • packed in silicone case



100% silicone, PVC free

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